I’m addicted to you…

… cause I know that you’re toxic.

Im my head; over and over and over again. But do you know what? Annoying though it can be several hours later, sometimes days later, Britney sees me through the ‘ah I can’t go on moments’ and they are frequent. I just sing the song in my head and somehow the tune, together with images of Britney cavorting like some crazy Thunderbirds puppet who got a trolley dolly night shift job, and I’m distracted long enough to get through the rough patch.

Take my tonight. An evening niggly run. One of those ‘bitch-of-a-day, let’s shake off the negativity’ runs. I don’t like internalising frustration, I like it out.

I knew I wasn’t moving fast but I was interested in distance rather than speed anyway. A long run; well long for me. Having to stop at pedestrian crossings was a pleasure, especially after mile-three when I started making deals with myself about when I could start walking. As it was I made it all the way and I feel terrific now and not like wringing anyone’s neck, at all.

On that last half mile I was singing away in my head and somehow Britney saw me up hill, over a bridge and I even managed a bit of a sprint as I got near the bus stop (oh the glamour!).

She gave up Justin. She’s had her problems. She probably still does. But bless her, because that woman can deliver a pop tune. Come on Britney, hit me baby, one more time.


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