Long run pleasures

You’ve got to love your long run; time to yourself to think about anything you like.

I just love the day dreaming, the looking at the sky and ooohing over patches of blue, the tweeting of birds, passing the ‘walk of shamers’ staggering home smoking a fag and clutching a tin of energy drink (them, not me!), the moments I can grab a breather at pedestrian crossings.

I’m working on starting slow, even slower than I am on a bad day, with the idea that I’ll finish with gusto – or at least some fuel in the tank. Kind of worked too, but not in a negative split kind of way.

Today I ran seven miles and finished with the notion I could have gone on. Always good to believe you can do it, even if your body is having a major WTF conversation with itself.

About miles five to six and six to seven I was seriously working hard. Clues: looking at my garmin, seeing 13.05 pace and thinking ‘Oh come on, I am trying here’ – that and my glutes had taken over the hard work. I could tell, I had major bum ache!

However, I still managed to haul myself up a slope and through a hedge, to get off a quagmire track (thank you mountain bikers, always good to see the complete mess you make of anywhere we pedestrians can put a toe).

So the splits: 1. 12:11; 2. 12:19; 3. 12:32; 4. 12:49; 5. 12:56; 6. 13:05, 7. 13:22

In total 1hr 29mins with 710 cals used.

Now I had some crazy notion I’d run a negative split if i started slowly. Hmm.. What I see is a slow but definite slowing. 13:22? Ok, I had to crawl through that hedge but I can’t remember the last time i ran that slowly. Still that’s the point, isn’t it? Slow now, faster later. I hope so because at this pace it’ll take me three hours to finish a half marathon!


3 thoughts on “Long run pleasures

  1. You’ll get there. A year ago, I couldn’t run for 2 minutes now I’m training for a marathon. Long runs are the best.

    You should try running some tempo runs of 5K’s for speed. Plus I always find a run 30-40 seconds a mile faster in race conditions.

  2. You must be psychic. I’m doing a tempo run this week. I’m trying to be canny with my training and make each session count by planning what I’m going to do during the week ahead each Sunday. Not that I’m obsessed or anything 😉

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