ITB gets a kicking, well a pummelling

‘Is that too much pressure?’ asked Rebecca as she leant into my ITB with her elbow, causing me to do the silent screaming thing while, of course, saying ‘No, that’s ok,’ because I’m hard, right? I’m a runner, right? Tough. Determined. Rock hard.

Thing is, Rebecca is used to working on Wigan Athletics players. And I tell you something, they’re tougher than me. Sports massage is NOT like girly beauty parlour massage. Not that I’m complaining but if you’re going the sports massage route, be aware, it’s not an easy ride. You feel less like you’ve been to nirvana and more like you’ve done a couple of rounds of kickboxing sparring. And take it from me, I was a blue belt lau gar girl in my Thirties (knees, darlings; kicking at bodies with hyper-extension in one’s joint – not ideal three nights a week, as it turns out).

To try to sort out my ITB niggle I’m seeing the Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic people at the Uni where I work. The clinic is open to everyone and sports rehab students, like Rebecca, get profession experience working in there, supervised by fully trained staff. They watch the tricky stuff, but the sports massage, they’re hands on. They go off to get experience on ‘real muscles’ as I put it, but they also get to sort out wimps like me.

I just about survived my 45 minutes of ITB loosening and got my calves lightly pummelled for good measure.

The jury is out as to whether sports massage has done the trick, let’s just say I’m a little tender. But I’m signed up for another session in two weeks – no doubt I’ll have more to say on the subject. I usually do 😉


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