Why being a rubbish runner is the greatest

So far this week I’ve done an eight-mile long run and a four-mile tempo. Bit further, bit faster. And you know what – feeling a bit stronger too.

For me there’s no super-fast improvements, no striding out with confidence, expecting my body to perform like a thoroughbred. I fret a bit as I set off, I flap that I’ll run out of energy and I’m always thrilled when I show improvement. Long may that continue.

Long run

11.54; 11.58;  11.50; 12.34; 12.48; 12.22; 13.11 (whoops, what was that about?); 12.13 (and rocking it out!) – 8.06 miles in 1.39 – 888 calories burned

Four mile tempo

10.52 (yeah, baby); 11.49; 11.52; 12.14 – 4.04 miles, 47.25 – 467 calories burned

There are some things for which I have talent, maybe not dazzling talent, but I find them easy. Running aint one of them. But there are lessons to be learned as you push on. Slowly. And you know, when something’s tough, the triumphs are all the sweeter.


5 thoughts on “Why being a rubbish runner is the greatest

  1. DId you know that there is actual scientifically sound research that suggests that rewards we receive (finishing an event, receiving a medal, mom giving cookies for good behavior…) for tasks that took higher effort are valued more!

    It’s pretty awesome.

    Literally, to know frustration and challenge is to know happiness and reward!

    • I wonder why that is. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to be doing something challenging. The trick of course, is pulling it together when we lose the passion. And that can happen.

      But I am much grittier than I used to be and I think that’s down to running.

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