Motivation in action, kind of…

You know what’s really useful to take with you on a run when you’ve loaded up the iPod with inspirational, thumping beat tunes?

The iPod!

Yup, I was ten minutes down the road when I realised I was enjoying the sound of birds and not the sounds of Lady Gaga.

But today is chill-out fun run day before training tomorrow, so – meh, who cares?

Spring is coming, the hedgerows are heady with the scent of hawthorn and the birds are tweeting their little beaks off – some pictures from my run round Stenner Woods below.

A den, Stenner woods

Look - a den!


Blossom bursting out


Patch of blue sky

I made it round in 48 minutes, a pleasant four-mile trot around the river paths and no negative thoughts at all. I actually overtook a runner. Ok so she was walking at the time, but result!


2 thoughts on “Motivation in action, kind of…

  1. I have slowly but surely become a runner who rarely uses her iPod over the past 6 months. It started off just like this! Just forgetting it (I am generally absent minded, I admit), but now I feel like I am missing out on stuff if I have it…kind of nice I think.

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