About Me and My Running Goal

Me with my Race for Life medial 2011

Me with my Race for Life medal 2011

I’ve been running for a few years now, never getting any faster. I’ve done a couple of 5ks and one 10k, but never felt confident. Wheezy, yes. Confident, no

Well enough. I’ve decided to go for it and I’m bringing out the big guns.

Well gun; Adam the personal trainer. Rather than try to coach myself I’m putting my faith in someone who’ll push me. Adam’s a sports rehabilitation lecturer but his background is training, professional sportsmen training no less. He’s trained professional footballers and apparently I’m considerably less trouble. So it’s a project for both of us.

That was in 2011. In 2012 I was diagnosed with early onset osteoarthritis in my left hip. Which explained a lot of things – like why my leg muscles were behaving strangely and I wasn’t getting any better at running.

So now I see a physio a lot. And if you wonder why I talk a lot about arthritis and yoga – that’s why!


7 thoughts on “About Me and My Running Goal

  1. Well I don’t know much about running but I would totally agree that investing in learning to do something that gives us pleasure is extremely worthwhile!
    And I agree that taking resposibility for planning the learning experience yourself can lead to bespoke, accelerated learning, which probably saves time, expense and frustration in the long run! Scuse the pun!

    • I think you’re right. Although I really need to start measuring my improvements a bit more scientifically, I’m finding I’m making leaps and strides forward, at a much greater pace than I expected. (All puns welcome here!).

  2. This is an excellent blog, its really motivating and interesting at the same time. That is a hard mix to achieve, my blog is more of a diary and it rambles on for ever and has nothing interesting to say. This however, you can learn something. I may go out for a run now this weekend, and see how i do. A personal trainer is a great idea, i am currently wasting £70 a month at a gym I never go to. Two sessions with a personal trainer a month for a few months and i might achieve a level of fitness that can get me up Ben Nevis like a mountain goat.

    • You can certainly ask a personal trainer to match your workouts to your goals. Bounding up Ben Nevis is a great goal to aspire to, I bet you’ll need lots of stamina and strong leg muscles – best of luck with your ambitions. I don’t fancy my chances trying to run up Ben Nevis, but I’m due to tackle some hills next week.

  3. Hi! I just discovered your blog! I agree that we should invest in ourselves! My husband and I started running in January 2011. We joined a training program at a running store that is very close to our house (we can walk to it!) and we run with them on a beautiful running trail that is also next to our neighborhood. We are on our 3rd training program with them, training for our first half marathon on December 3rd. My husband ran when he was younger so he got fast rather quickly, but I am a penguin that is getting faster! So, I agree with using a trainer or a group program. It does make us push! Good luck and may your speed increase!

    • How lovely, having a trail so close to you. I miss being able to run by our river now the early mornings are so dark. Still, it won’t last forever, even though it feels like it now.

      I was never a runner when I was younger, but it’s never too late is it? It’s very cheering to hear from other positive runners. Congratulations on your progress too.

  4. I ran for so many years in London. From all the different routes though I loved the river most. Going both east or west from Tower Bridge on alternating days. And at 6am the city is so peaceful and strangely enough the air even smells (relatively) clean!
    Keep it up! Running has been a wonderful, helpful friend and companion for me for so many years!

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