As we all know, I’ve been diagnosed with arthritis in my hip and it’s caused me all sorts of problems with my leg muscles.

I’ve been having sports physio on it for the past six months, I’m now well into a year-long advanced yoga course which is helping me understand the therapeutic application of this ancient mind-body philosophy, and I have changed the way I eat so I consume as many natural anti-inflammatories as I can during the day.

So, six-month review.

1. pain – overall huge improvements. The muscle cramping moves around still, but it’s been a long time since I felt twinges stepping onto a bus. The bone ache has gone but i am still stiff if I sit for long periods.

2. flexibility – I can actually sit crossed legged for a wee while now, without shooting pains down the outside of my knee and the general impression that my inner thigh muscle is going to tear off.

3. mindset – I am optimistic, I do believe I can run again, and I do believe my flexibility far further with time, application and patience.

The other day I ran for a bus and i didn’t immediately get any pain at all. That odd tightness pulling on the outside of my knee and across my inner thigh kicked in after 30 seconds, but it didn’t pull me up short with its intensity.

Moving forward. 🙂