Joyful June 10/6

This week felt like the longest week. I worked 45 hours. That’s quite a lot.

I slept a lot today. Mostly with her highness, on the sofa. She slept more. Gosh, I love sleep.

Fife the cat

Fife, asleep on me, about 1.30pm

Fifi the cat

Fifi changes position, 2.30pm

Fifi the cat

Fifi wakes up, 3pm

Fifi the cat

… and back to sleep

Hanging out the Fifi has been a treat this week. I’ve been flying in and out the house. No times for games or much time for cuddles. Nice to hang out, even if we didn’t do very much.

I’m off for an early night – yes, more sleep – and then seeing my friend Clare tomorrow. We started out in newspapers together. Thirty years ago! Flipping heck!!

Call me Sherlock

I am currently enjoying some time off work with a mini break to see a dear friend coming up. In other words, I am having a great time wth the prospect of more good times to come. 🙂

Today I gave the kitchen a thorough cleaning and ploughed through a mountain of washing.

As I pottered about the kitchen I noticed Nadia 3 was looking decidedly peeky, sort of… stumpy.

I should explain; Nadia 3 is a spider plant, separated from Nadias 2 and 1 when they grew too big for their pot and were threatening to evacuate. They used to live as one in my old office but my new office doesn’t have windows, or much in the way of fresh air, so I brought Nadia home, divided her up and now she is three in the brave new world of my kitchen.

Nadia 1 lives on the shelf my the stairs, Nadia 2 on a shelf by the window and Nadia 3, until this afternoon, was living on the kitchen table.

I don’t think it’s the table that’s the problem. Just one little furry missy who can get on to the table with ease.

The evidence is all there. Sudden shortening of the leaves ending in blunt stumps. A general shrunken demeanour; Nadia 3 has lost her sparkle. I mean look at her.


Nadia looks decidedly gnawed. Like iams aren’t good enough.

Fifi the cat

who me?

Good job for one little cat that spider plants aren’t poisonous. Although they now all like out of the reach of prying paws.


Tennis balls, to be precise.

tennis ball

sports rehab muscle tension equipment – tennis ball to you

It turns out they are brilliant for pounding away at those tight spots which cause muscles to spasm. I highly recommend. Apparently squash balls are even more effective.

So while I am pretty much welded to my roller, to knock out the ITB area tightness, for those hard-to-reach spots, you can’t beat a tennis ball.

I’ve discovered knots of tension all down the sides of the muscles running from my hip to my knees. back and front. Inside and outside the leg.

My most annoyingly persistent tense spots are on the outside of each knee, but my roller is great for the back of my hip and round the sides.

roller and tennis ball

Tension tacking combo kit

I woke up at 4.30am this morning with my hip niggling so I’ve been up an hour rollering myself. I know, ridiculously early, but there’s nothing more irritating than trying to get comfortable with muscles spasming themselves stupid, right, left and centre. And it’s not much fun for MrM, having me toss and turn while he’s trying to sleep/do an impression of an unconscious walrus/wake the street with his snoring.

Of course there’s always someone wanting attention…

fifi the cat

you try to roller – she wants her morning cuddle