Running further, if not faster

I’m working from home today to it was a perfect morning for an early long run.

I’d gone out on Sunday and had, frankly, a rubbish long run. ‘But it was so much easier the other week,’ I pondered as my lungs squealed and whimpered after 40 minutes. I’d ended up run-walking home wondering how I was going backwards.

So today I thought I’d repeat the route I’d taken on the strong long run, and you know what? Piece of cake – relatively.

I may have read that running off-road is harder, but I really hadn’t appreciated the difference. Half of this run is on road and the vast majority of the remainder is on cinder paths or well-worn tracks. I increased my long run by 5 minutes – may not sound like much but adding on 5 minutes a week is sensible if you don’t want to injure yourself.

And I’m now measuring my activity with an app so I’m going to bore you with some statistics now:

I covered 5.28 miles in 1hr 6 mins at an average speed of 4.8 mph.

You can see why I’m hellbent on running faster now, can’t you!