Things that hold back my runs: no1

You know how it is. It’s early, it’s dark, it’s damp, it’s chilly.

And there she is, jumping on to the arm of the sofa, which means she wants a cuddle.

How can anyone say ‘no’?

Fifi the cat

Cuddle me kitten

So I compromise. I pick her up, I stroke her 100 times while she purrs and dribbles down my running top and I try not to fall asleep standing up.

Then, monster that I am, I put her down on the sofa, go out the front door and hit the road. This is her early morning workout…

Fifi sleeps

Missing me dreadfully - yeah, right

As it was I ran my best 3.32 mile circuit this morning, beating my previous time by 43 seconds. My first mile was pretty slow too, so really pleased.


I can run on water!


No, not really, but according to my iPhone, this morning I managed to run though bricks and mortar, cunningly disguised as a hotel, traverse a wood and dash across the Mersey river before skirting a golf course. And all in the dark and before 6am.

I am clearly missing my super-heroine cape and mask.

I think we can conclude it’s the iPhone GPS that’s the problem rather than the app. It just seems to waver all over the place and stop and start from time to time. But we don’t do blame culture on this blog, we do solutions. And the solution seems to be one of those Garmins. Several of you have them and you all give them glowing reports.

Of course, if there’s a GPS running solution out there I don’t know about I’m happy to consider all solutions. All advice gratefully received. A colleague of mine’s husband has something he ties to his shoe laces.

So although the iPhone app’s results are what another colleague would describe as ‘a bit random’ I know when I do this route and it’s measuring distance properly that it’s 3.5 miles. And I know that today I ran it 45 seconds faster than last week.

Main point here – I am running faster.

And that will do for now, though I am itching to get to grips with a heart rate monitor. Mmm… more numbers. Never thought I’d hear myself say that!

Spooky running

Maybe it was the dark stillness at 5.30am. Maybe it was the distorted, amplified sounds that echoed through the streets after a rainy night. Maybe it was the gusting wind and the eerily warm air, but I was as jumpy as a cat this morning when I set out interval training.

Actually, I was jumpier than a cat, the ginger tom who charged down his road, bell on collar a-tinkling, made my heart leap and I had a ‘what’s that?’ flap about what turned out to be a leaf.

But I struggled womanfully on, against the wind, up the hill and tried not to think of anything spooky.

Of course, I made the mistake of turning off the main road, on to what turned out to be a street with an even steeper incline but useless street lamps. Puddles galore which I didn’t see till I’d charged into them, soggy socks – lovely.  But by the time I was on the home stretch I found the spray of water gathered up by the 43 bus oddly refreshing.

Did all this fear and flapping make me run any faster?

Well the good news is I’ve started measuring my runs using an app, so I emit a strange sonic beep periodically as I puff along, but the bad news is I can’t understand what it says yet. it seems to think I reached a top speed of 25 miles per hour, which I think I might have noticed! Studying the website  tonight.