Hot, hot, hot!

So this morning I tried out my new Sub4 running tights with go-faster tagline. Can an item of clothing keep you running ‘longer, further & stronger’? Tall claim, isn’t it.

I did 3.5 miles of intervals and I wasn’t struggling too badly. But can I tell you whether I was running faster? Nope, because my MapMyTracks app has keeled over and died.

I got to my finishing point to find it had ignored 90% of my efforts and then wiped all my run histories and now just shows me a blue screen. Big meh.

But I can tell you Sub4 running tights  keep you warm. Really warm. I was cooking alive my the time I’d run up the hill out of the village. Mind you, it was warm this morning anyway but my legs definitely felt super-hot. Maybe better for chillier mornings. It was 14 degrees here today. No rubbing though and they’re now drying on the clothes horse so I’ll give them another run out very soon.

I am going to try out Endomondo, another running app, before I buy my garmin. At least this one comes with a customer recommendation, courtesy of Iddex.

App-solutely hopping

This morning I set out for my run like a dog out the traps, like a flat-racing filly ready for the off… like a woman with a shedload of surplus chocolate calories to burn.

Set up my iPhone running app to track my progresss, set off down the road, up the hill and around my 3.5 mile route. Everything felt right. Thighs a bit moany but bearable, breath quite hard but I felt I was pushing myself. On the home strait I actually sped up and then whipped out my iPhone to check out my performance.

Imagine my crushing disappointment, to see my speed had fallen. I say fallen – plummeted would be more like it. By half a mile per hour.

Then I looked at the figures again and realised I’d completed the 3.5 mile loop two minutes faster than the week before. Weird. Same route but the app said I’d only covered three miles. Weirder. Then, when I checked out the map feature I realised what had happened, the GPS hadn’t tracked me down one road – about half a mile long.


I know I was two minutes faster but this is still irking me.

Being a bit, well a lot, of a geek I like all the numbers but an unreliable GPS isn’t helpful. This is an urban area as well, it’s not like I’m covering the wilds of moors here.

Does anyone use an app they find reliable? The one I’m using is called MapMyTracks, ironically.