I can run on water!


No, not really, but according to my iPhone, this morning I managed to run though bricks and mortar, cunningly disguised as a hotel, traverse a wood and dash across the Mersey river before skirting a golf course. And all in the dark and before 6am.

I am clearly missing my super-heroine cape and mask.

I think we can conclude it’s the iPhone GPS that’s the problem rather than the app. It just seems to waver all over the place and stop and start from time to time. But we don’t do blame culture on this blog, we do solutions. And the solution seems to be one of those Garmins. Several of you have them and you all give them glowing reports.

Of course, if there’s a GPS running solution out there I don’t know about I’m happy to consider all solutions. All advice gratefully received. A colleague of mine’s husband has something he ties to his shoe laces.

So although the iPhone app’s results are what another colleague would describe as ‘a bit random’ I know when I do this route and it’s measuring distance properly that it’s 3.5 miles. And I know that today I ran it 45 seconds faster than last week.

Main point here – I am running faster.

And that will do for now, though I am itching to get to grips with a heart rate monitor. Mmm… more numbers. Never thought I’d hear myself say that!


How beautiful is this?

Now my long runs take place during the week I don’t get to see much of the river.

Although I’m seeing Harry the personal trainer midweek this week as he’s got weekend conferences, I’m usually with him on Sundays and so long runs take place midweek when it’s too dark at 5.30am to run safely along unlit pathways.

So it was a delight to see the river this morning, a bit later at 7.30am and run through the park near Didsbury and breathe in the smell of roses in the early morning air. Hints of autumn in the woods, grasses turning red along the river bank. Lovely.

my river running route

My river running route

Roses on my run

roses on my run

Hints of autumn

Hints of autumn

I think this is my favourite run in Manchester. Bit flat, too many nettles at times but for an ‘urban’ run it’s as rural as you can get.