Stronger, faster, better

And ridiculously cheered by my progress today.

Top of my running hills

Last time we ran these hills, back on October 16, I did four sets of two, this time I did four sets of three. In effect, 12 times up the hills instead of eight.

There are three hills in a row.

For the first set of three I did the one hill up, fast as possible, and then did sets of squats and lunges with the kettlebell. Harry used the medicine ball, which weighs 4kg, while I got the 8kg kettlebell every time, so weight stepped up too. I’m not saying he’s cheating though – he does go on to play football after we’ve finished. I go home and loll in a bath/on a sofa/on anything I can find.

RUnning hills

Up and down up and down

Then we repeated.

For the third set of three we took it steady up the first hill down the slope and up the next, which is a much steeper incline, but not as long.

More kettlebell work, this time working side muscles around the core.

Then the fourth set of three – back to the bottom of the first hill, up, down, up, down another slope and back up the other side.

Now this is a particular triumph for me because I couldn’t get up that last slope the last time we tried this, my legs just went to jelly. And I did it three times today.

This wasn’t a breeze by any imagination, I was wheezing by the top of the first slope but I had a little revelation – I can run and wheeze. Ok, so maybe not news to you, but in my head I connect wheezing with things like panic (I used to have panic attacks when I was in my twenties) and so to discover I can run, wheeze and stay calm is astonishing to me. And makes me feel stronger.

Anyway, Harry kept saying ‘Im really pleased with that’ as we jogged back to the car. I was carrying the medicine ball as we jogged so I wasn’t saying much. But I was smiling.


The hills are alive

…with the sound of me huffing and puffing and wheezing this morning. And I love it!

What is the attraction of running up hills? Coming down the other side, perhaps. I like to do a skippy, bouncing downhill step, probably bad for me. Like the pizza I had for tea last night 😉

This is the hill me and Harry the personal trainer are training on today. Not too shabby huh, though hardly a mountain. Pretty though.

Favourite running hill

Favourite running hill

No Running Up That Hill

Due to evening work commitments there will be no hill running with Harry the personal trainer this week.
I’m not sure to be disappointed or relieved as I look at out the window at the torrents of rain. Juggling work and running is always tricky.
The alternative; I’m back to early morning intervals for the rest of this week.
So the hills won’t be alive with the sounds of my wheezing – until next week, anyway.