Good times, Slovenia

All good things must come to an end.

Even holidays with good friends in Slovenia. And Italy. And Austria.

Saturday street market in Ljubljana

Saturday street market in Ljubljana

But not before buying last treats. For me that means stocking up on Slovenian salt. Which seriously rocks (salt joke – gettit!). You know how people go on about how ‘special’ salt tastes really different, not like the usual stuff? I thought it was all a bit of a myth, but you can taste the difference. Use in homemade soups, liberally. Rub a chicken in olive oil, then rub in some of this stuff and your roast chicken will be beyond tasty. And super golden and crispy.

After I’d stocked up on enough salt to see me through the next six months we met up on The Beach (which isn’t a ‘beach’, but is where everyone goes to sun themselves) in Ljubljana’s city centre for final coffee and cake.

Noisette cake in Ljubljana - yum

Noisette cake in Ljubljana – yum

I didn’t need any lunch.

Ah, Slovenia, how we miss you. Good times 🙂

Big smiles at Lake Bled


Getting out and about

My very good friend, Anja, likes in Slovenia – which is gorgeous – and also very convenient for getting to other fabulous countries.

Mr M and I were spoiled rotten on this great four-day visit.

We flew from Stanstead, which is a bit of a trek from Manchester, but in spite of the 3am wake up and the 5am train I woofed by scrambled eggs and smoked salmon breakfast and was happy to sink a couple of beers pre-flight. We have a couple of rules in out house and one is it’s always cocktail hour in an airport.


Classy read, huh? Actually, Lace a ripping yarn – kind of Malory Towers with designer frocks, good girls done wrong, a lot of exotic travel and a lot of romping. Like Valley of the Dolls, but with Europe and a bit of history.

We arrived in beautiful Ljubljana in time for dinner and an early night.

Dinner in Ljubljana

With a small after dinner night cap.

MrM enjoys an al fresco beer

MrM enjoys an al fresco beer

Ljubjana by evening light…


And the next day we went to Lake Bled. Which is stunning!

But the sun is shining here so MrM are going out for some sunshine before it disappears – catch you later…

A taste of summer

Is there anything better than making your own food? Possibly growing your own food, I suppose.

But with work commitments and bought lunches it’s very easy to slip into buying convenience food isn’t it. A sandwich here. A tuna pasta salad there. A pot of guacamole here… you get the picture. It looks healthy enough but exactly what’s in it? How long has it been in that pot?

Being off work for a week I’ve been able to make my own food every day.

Today I made my own coleslaw. Which must have cost all of 20p for a hefty bowl full and tastes 1000% better than anything ‘finest’, possibly because everything has just been grated and therefore fresh as a daisy.

But pictured is my lunch. So easy I could throw it together at work. Which I might well do next week. Sadly Hades calls. *Pulling a face*

Tomato and mozzarella salad

Tomato and mozzarella salad

Basically it’s two large tomatoes, pips removed and blotted with kitchen towel to remove some of the excess water. Ripped mozzarella cheese (half a ball) and ripped basil (has to be ripped – it adds to the flavour. Slicing with a knife looks too done and you don’t see the structure of the cheese). Drizzle with olive oil and a smidge of balsamic vinegar on the plate. A grind of black pepper’s very nice as well.

This salad reminds me of being with my friend Anja in Croatia. She’s from Slovenia, which is next to Italy, so it’s not surprising that this popular Italian salad is a favourite there. Rather than mediterranean, Croatia is on the Adriatic and Anja has a house by the sea. it’s an idyl. I can’t think of a better word.

When we’re there we swim in the clear sea, ride bikes and read books, lots of books.

Istrian coast, croatia

The coastline in Croatia

Sunshine food for sunny memories. Do you make food that reminds you of good friends and good times?