If you go down to the woods today…

As some shady ne’er-do-well would say in a Sherlock Holmes mystery ‘Cor, blimey, it’s a right pea souper out there’.

Foggy this morning, super foggy. Dead atmospheric though and all those fairy tale heroines flashed through my mind – Gretel, Little Miss Riding Hood – as I walked up to the park for personal trainer morning with Harry.

Foggy wood on way to running


Every sound is amplified in fog, or maybe your senses are just more alert, but I heard the leaves falling.

Foggy woods on way to running

Still spooky

The colour-contrast of leaves was just lovely still, but even though it’s 7.30am I am not the only one up.

Squirrels hard at it - running

Squirrel running up a tree

Don’t know if you can see but the little grey smudge is a squirrel who was charging up this tree with his mate.

At last in the park

At last! In the park

And at last I get to the park, equally masked by layers of fog.

I’ll update on what I actually did with Harry later today – I’m off out for lunch at the Yang Sing in town today. We’re meeting up with some old friends of mine who live on the Wirral and I need to get some make up on.

Catch you later x

Spooky running

Maybe it was the dark stillness at 5.30am. Maybe it was the distorted, amplified sounds that echoed through the streets after a rainy night. Maybe it was the gusting wind and the eerily warm air, but I was as jumpy as a cat this morning when I set out interval training.

Actually, I was jumpier than a cat, the ginger tom who charged down his road, bell on collar a-tinkling, made my heart leap and I had a ‘what’s that?’ flap about what turned out to be a leaf.

But I struggled womanfully on, against the wind, up the hill and tried not to think of anything spooky.

Of course, I made the mistake of turning off the main road, on to what turned out to be a street with an even steeper incline but useless street lamps. Puddles galore which I didn’t see till I’d charged into them, soggy socks – lovely.  But by the time I was on the home stretch I found the spray of water gathered up by the 43 bus oddly refreshing.

Did all this fear and flapping make me run any faster?

Well the good news is I’ve started measuring my runs using an app, so I emit a strange sonic beep periodically as I puff along, but the bad news is I can’t understand what it says yet. it seems to think I reached a top speed of 25 miles per hour, which I think I might have noticed! Studying the website  tonight.