Best laid plans of mice and runners

I am pretty much recovered from this morning’s run around London now.

I am as clean as a whistle, I’ve eaten an enormous full English breakfast and I’ve guzzled lashings of coffee.

But there were moments out there this morning when I thought I’d be running round London for ever. I got a bit lost. Well a lot lost.

The plan was to run from the hotel to Westminster, down the river up to St Paul’s, up Fleet Street, down Holburn to Nelson’s Column and then back down the Mall, Millbank and back to the hotel.

I got to St Brides Church fine and then it all went a bit pear-shaped. Instead of turning up Fleet Street, for some reason I headed up Farringdon Road. I milled about Hatton Gardens for a bit, trotted up and down the Clarkenwell Road, realised when I saw a sign for Finsbury Park that I should retrace my steps and so jogged back the way I came, covering some six miles in an hour and 10 minutes.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I passed at least a dozen homeless people either sleeping in doorways or rooting through binbags. The levels of poverty against the wealth of these areas is striking.

It’s hard to breathe in London, I don’t know what’s wrong with the air but something’s not right and running on pavement isn’t easy either but it’s a great way to sight-see and I’ll load up some pictures I took along the way tomorrow.

We’re off to cheer on Everton now – let’s hear it for the Toffees!