Ooooh that was weird

So… See the blog below… That is my kitchen after day 1. You think that’s a lot of boxes, you should see my sitting room. I say ‘see’… It’s boxes mostly, you can’t see anything.

Fifi the cat is confined to the back bedroom/yoga room/laundry room. She is not happy about her daytime confinement but it’s better then getting in the way while the fitter, Steve, drills and fits.

I wasn’t happy about doing my morning yoga with the smell of cat biscuits wafting about either but we all have to make sacrifices here.

The house resembles Steptoe and Son’s yard. But it’s only for a week. They promised. Who’s that laughing?!



Where have I been?

It’s been a while. What can I say?!

Here we are in Autumn and I’m still a mile away from running but yogaing on.

I’m thinking I should start a new blog as I haven’t run for over a year now and while injury is injury, my chances of getting back to running look increasingly slim.

I don’t know. What do you think?

While you think I should tell you what I’ve been doing. Working mostly.

As I type a man called Steve is fitting my new kitchen downstairs for which I have been saving. For-ever.

I’m attempting to blog from my phone here so how I get pix in I’m not sure…
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