Kitchen complete!



Well that was a shocking gap in proceedings.

Many thanks and best wishes to all who dropped by during the interval.

The kitchen is now finished. Ta da! 😃


Operation kitchen – day 5



So, this is end of the day and as you can see, kitchen-wise I have a fitted kitchen.

What I don’t have is a gas supply because British Gas has now confirmed my whole gas supply is incorrectly fitted and has to be redone. And that can’t be done until next week.

So, no hot water or central heating. Still. And a hefty bill I hadn’t allowed for.

It could be worse. It could be snowing.

Thank heavens for fan heaters and kettles.

The shows go on



These two fine young ladies were mill workers in Bolton, Lancashire in 1915.

Due to the climate here in the North West of England – basically dank – the cotton industry thrived.

Last night I went to the opening of Textile Treasures at Bolton Museum where our University contributed to the future of textiles. These young ladies are just part of the show.

For while the cotton mills may have had their day, technical textiles are thriving.

You’ll be familiar with the moisture-wicking fabrics that make running so much less of a chaffing, sweat-sodden experience. But smart materials crop up everywhere from wound dressings that deliver drugs in just the right measure to improving green energy generation.

It’s been a busy week of shows and exhibitions and some pretty poor eating. I’ve eaten a lot of sandwiches and nil salads.

But is my final yoga school on this course tomorrow so long week behind me and on to the big chill.

Artful work



Today I helped judge school artists’ creative masterpieces – what a pleasure that was.

The Mayor came to help us make our final selection and stayed for tea before the prizes were presented.

He pronounced the artwork ‘fabulous’as pupils and parents from nine schools crowded into our University exhibition space and spilled out onto the lawns to enjoy a little sunshine.

If only all work days could be like this one.


Joyful June – 10-14/16



Who would have thought fitting in one thing you love to do everyday could be so tricky?

Due to the fact I spent 10 hours on Monday editing the University’s magazine the ‘fun window’ was a little limited. I made do with lying in the bath while listening to a radio play, which I do enjoy. And I had a cup of herbal tea in there too, so very relaxing.

Tuesday I went for a facial after work which was bliss. That said, I spent a small fortune on a face scrub and factor 50 moisturiser before I left, but when your floating about on a bubble of calm and your face is plumped and baby soft, then who notices the £10 notes turning into two tubes in a fancy gift wrapped bag?

Wednesday I went to see Piaf at Bolton Octagon Theatre. Really very, very good. I love going to the theatre; when it’s good it’s magical. It touches you in the way film just can’t. Obviously not a happy story but the three female actors were brilliant. The songs – sublime.

Thursday I met my good friend Mrs Tiffin for lunch and we caught up on business and our lives. Making more time to see friends is something I’ll take from this exercise. I haven’t seen Mrs T since before Christmas. Our lives have become so busy as our workplaces’ staff levels have shrunk dramatically. And of course everyone wants to up their publicity so the MarComms functions are pushed to the limits.

Thankfully on Thursday I also had yoga. Inversions: love them! Shoulder stands, head stands… with a selection of other asanas we did great. It was a lot of fun too and a really good energy in the room.

So, on to Friday. My big treat on Friday was meeting MrM after work and having drinks and tea before a taxi home. We had a delicious Thai meal at the Orchid in town where the owner treats us like long-lost friends and spoils us with free extras and brandies before we leave. He’s very kind and would you believe, after that huge brandy I slept like a log? Though I did have a very odd dream about a wooden sailing ship, a huge whirlpool threatening to pull us to our doom and an IT colleague living in his office with a single bed made up in purple blankets with flannelette sheets. Like you do!

Holiday taster



Here I am with MrM, getting in a cuddle before we go to see The Kiss by Gustav Klimt in the Belvedere palace in Vienna. I actually gasped out loud when I saw it. It’s seven foot high!
I’ll post more pix and tales of our adventures in Slovenia, Italy and Austria at the weekend.
Nearly Friday 🙂